Thursday, October 06, 2011

Free Press for anyone who buys or sends a birthday beer for me

You know how I've got this thing about not effusively going on about the packaging, doodads, and geegaws that breweries tend to send? Though, must say they don't seem to send like they used to — probably just me.

Well, it's my birthday this weekend and 21st Amendment sent some Fireside Chat...and a pie...and a USB thumbdrive with "stuff" on it. Not that it was actually for my birthday, but it showed up two days prior, so that's cool.

Further more cool is that most packages arriving from 21A contains some sort of unique packaging. Last time, the Hop Crisis had whole leaf hops sprinkled generously throughout the packaging so that even without opening the box, you could smell fresh hops. The delivery guy must've loved that.

This time, a pie to go with the winter spiced ale. Very clever. And a video introduction from Nico and Shaun, owners, on a brewery-branded USB thumbdrive.

Oh, and the beer? Well, I certainly wouldn't be writing this if every beer I've had from this Bay Area brewing beast wasn't top notch, or pretty damned close.

This goes back 6 or maybe 7 years to my first visit at the pub...and, over the years, my summertime affection for the Hell or High Watermelon Wheat.

And GABF has noticed over the years as well. This year, they took home two medals: a Gold for Hqt and a Gold for Amber Waves.

Who's next with a beer for me? The shameless birthday plug will not end until the weekend ends. Or maybe until we officially celebrate in Belgium next May.

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