Monday, October 17, 2011

Tröegs is super duper in Hershey, Pa. — aka Construction Update

[Quick Link to my Tröegs pictures posted at Picasa.]

(John and Chris Trogner, brothers and co-owners)

Am I allowed to say Sooper Dooper? Will I find myself in hot water if I say that The Sweetest Place on Earth is about to get a whole lot sweeter? There are a lot of trademarks around the city that has a little something to offer for almost everyone.

What do family and friends like to do in Hershey that you get dragged along for the ride? Outlets shopping? Amusement Park? Hotel and Spa getaway? Minor league hockey? Concerts at the stadium? Theatre? Golf? Gardens?

Actual, many of those sound pretty appealing to me, but now there's something for you to help sweeten just a bit more the trip to Hershey.

There are many ways in which to describe Tröegs and what, to me, currently is one of the East Coast's most interesting and exciting brewery projects.

(Entrance from Hersheypark Drive)

Mad Elf (and lots of it; shouldn't be any supply-side worries) has already been brewed at the new brewery, formerly the site of the Hershey Meats and Commissary grocery distribution center.

There's seating for indoor and outdoor tasting, free self-guided tours, and a view of brewing like many of us have never seen before.

I'll have a lot more to share with you of the incredible Tröegs story unfolding by the day in Hershey, Pa. But, for now, all you really need to know is that the Retail Store opens today (for those of you reading this on 10/17/2011) and, if all goes as planned, the tasting bar will open next Monday the 24th.

On top of that, three special grand opening events are being planned for the public in November. Most likely, they'll occur on the first three Saturdays with plenty of food, beer, and live music.

And, all you really need to see are the pictures that I've posted up at Picasa.

I was invited out to the Hershey home of Tröegs to get a sneak-peak at the brewery (well, actually, it was more than just a peak and more than just a few sips) last week.

(View of the Tasting Room from the brewing platform)

What I saw surpassed the incredible impression that I'd already cobbled together from the many words and pictures I'd seen across the Webs.

And when you visit for the fist time, I think you'll feel the same way.

All this calls to mind a fun video (the second one below), which not so surprisingly outranks the first video on YouTube by, oh, nearly 4.5 million views — shocking :)

Enjoy.....and much more to come.

Tröegs Video contestant #1

Tröegs Video contestant #2

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