Saturday, October 15, 2011

Exton Beverage loves its customers

I don't recall going to the beer distributor with my father on a Friday night to be fed food, be given beers (well, of course not at that age, that'd be ridiculous, right?!), and listen to live music.

Exton Beverage has done it again. For the second time this year, they've put together a customer appreciation-type of event with food, beer, and live music. This time it was Holt 45 on stage, beers and reps from 1/2 dozen breweries, and food from four local restaurants. I'm wondering if this is the highest off the floor the band has ever played.

Not too shabby for a Friday night in Exton at the beverage distributor. Good times all around with a bunch of friendly faces. Dad would be proud :)

If you're on the book of Faces, you can follow this link for a bunch of great pictures by Andrew Seymour.

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