Friday, June 01, 2012

2 writers, 1 brewhouse, 2 taps at Standard Tap

Hey, not my words. That's how Tröegs describes it on their webpage.

Proving once again that the Philly beer landscape is rich enough to include writers amongst the brewers, importers, and pubs, distinguished beer writers Lew Bryson and Jack Curtin each brewed a beer at Tröegs under the long-running Scratch Series umbrella.

Their beers, along with a bevy of other beers from Tröegs will be on tap this Sunday, June 3 at Standard Tap for your decision of whose Scratch beer is better: Lew's Zwickel Licker or Jack's Biere de Grouch. Both are clever names, and based on branding alone, I'd probably give a point to Curtin's.

But, we should taste them on Sunday for the ultimate decision.

Head on over to Curtin's site to check out the fun videos that were made.
~ Link to Part 1
~ Link to Part 2

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