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Philly Beer Week 2012: Day 4 Preview

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At least a day prior to each day of Philly Beer Week 2012, I'll be posting up a small look into what to expect both in terms of the day's calendar of events as well as key/significant/interesting events as well as where you might likely spot me during the day and/or night.

Here's a look into the fourth day, June 4.

For the ravenous beer geeks
~ Dock Street's big bottles are immensely popular. They're having a release sale beginning at 3 p.m. and I wouldn't expect stock that includes Flemish Red, Super Saison, and Abbey Dubbel to last long.

~ The opposite of session beer night happens at Prohibition Taproom — unless you describe your session as 10%+ beers over two hours or less ;-)

~ Farmers' Cabinet is doing something called "Rare, Obscure, and Legendary beers" which pretty much fits their m.o. You probably don't have to guess very hard how geeky this night will be.

For the hungry
~ Khyber Pass Pub has one of the best pub/bar menus around and on this day they're hosting Uinta for lunch which should prove to be just the lunch that you'll be looking for.

For the wild and wacky and downright different
~ I don't know how wild and wacky it will get, but when the ladies Woods (Allagash) and Maguire (Ommegang/Duvel) get together for a joint event at Good Dog Bar, there's bound to be plenty of fun...and beer.

~ "Drunken tales of yore" at the Perch Pub with Yards Brewing Company? With audience participation? Oh, yeah, this one could get wacky.

~ Late Night with Joe Gunn at Jose Pistola's defines this category.

Possibly under the radar
~ I'm not sure what to make of the Bella Vista horseshoe tournament. On one hand, "the city's best distributor" (Philly Beer Scene 2012) describes it as being "chill" and "low key". So it could be a pretty quiet, under-the-radar type of event. On the other hand, it is Bella Vista after all, plus they promise to have some beer geek-y brewers from around the country playing in the tournament, giving the hardcore beer geek an easy chance to rub elbows and bend the ear of their favorite brewers.

~ Could an event that features Red Poppy, Schaerbeekse, Saison Darkly, and 15th Anniversary be considered under-the-radar? It's at SPTR's bottleshop Brew just down the street.

~ Italian beers have a somewhat-well-earned rep for being expensive. That may be true and while I don't know how they'll be priced at Alla Spina, this may be one of the larger gatherings of tasty Italian beers in the city to give you the opportunity to try.

Learn something
~ Have already plugged Khyber Pass Pub here, but what the heck, they fall into the "learning" category here as well when the Round Guys Brew Crew come to share their knowledge of sour beers as well as share some of their actual product and other commercial breweries too.

And for The Brew Lounge
~ I don't see The Brew Lounge filling up too much on Monday events. The ones that look most interesting that could fit my timeline are Bear Republic at Kite & Key, 50/50 at Hawthornes, and Goose Island at City Tap House.

And, with that, the hardest day of PBW '12 will be in the books. If you're not taking time off from work (speaking for myself as well), you'll need a gameplan, stamina, and wise choices to get you through 'til the next weekend. Philly Beer Week, It's On!

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