Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly Brew Bits Update: 6/11/12

It's gonna take a bit of time to dry out around here in the aftermath of Philly Beer Week, which officially closed last night. Like last week, I haven't spent a ton of time collecting up bits of goodness that you may have missed along the way.

But, here are a few that stuck out to me.

~ In the Comings and Goings department: Things I've learned in the past week about people and their places: Jon Defibaugh moving from Earth Bread + Brewery in Mt. Airy to Tired Hands in Ardmore; Mike Fava moving from Nodding Head in Center City Philly to Oxbow Brewing Company in Maine somewhere an hour or so north of Portland; and Justin Quinlan moving from Dock Street in West Philly to somewhere in Seattle much farther than Fava.

~ In a fun twist of fate, Steve Mashington has been named Philly Beer Geek 2012. How much fun do you think he's gonna have representin'?! Carolyn Smagalski has some of the details and pictures.

~ If you want to get my whole day-by-day look at Philly Beer Week, you should by now know where to start.

~ Speaking of PBW and the 5-K race I did yesterday with Dock Street, nothing might have been more perplexing than the conveniently-anonymous PW Staff hiding behind their smug sarcasm which I couldn't tell whether it was simply for the sake of being funny (attempting to be so) or if it is truly a disdain for runners, H&H music, and general good will.

~ From Dave and Heather Gleason that brought us Good Dog Bar up in Center City, a new bar is open in Pennsport with a nod to the service industry. The Industry is in the early days of opening on Moyamensing Avenue (that name rolls off the tongue beautifully, don't you think?) and Foobooz gives a little run down on what to expect. There's a link buried in there that you miss to some of the photographs from inside of the restaurant that play a role in paying homage to the hard working men and women of the city's service industry.

~ File under: Wow, that was fast. No sooner did we get news a few months ago that Appalachian Brewing Company would be opening its fifth location that word comes via that it is, in fact, doing so this week.

~ From out west in northern California, home to the country's second best beer week, comes a little reciprocating love from Jay Brooks. Of course, I had to suck up a bit to get noticed, but I knew it'd work ;-)

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