Friday, June 08, 2012

Philly Beer Week 2012: Day 10 Preview

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At least a day prior to each day of Philly Beer Week 2012, I'll be posting up a small look into what to expect both in terms of the day's calendar of events as well as key/significant/interesting events as well as where you might likely spot me during the day and/or night.

Here's a look into the tenth and last day, June 10.

For the ravenous beer geeks
~ Russian River beers never get old do they? Just judge from the lines that are sure to form early for this PAYG event at Local 44.

~ The Cabinet Artisanal party continues from Saturday at Boilermaker to Sunday at Farmers' Cabinet with Terry Hawbaker up from northern Virginia to talk about his beers for the Farmers' Cabinet family.

For the hungry
~ Hawthornes claims to have "arguably the city's best brunch". Paired with beers from Coronado, they might be right.

~ Completely across to another side of town, Sunday morning is coming down to Hop Angel Brauhaus as they host Herr Bryson for a breakfast and discussion all around German beers and foods.

~ It may be sold out, but this is your reminder to mark the calendar for next year's version of the legendary Vintage Beer Brunch at Memphis Taproom.

~ Devil's Den for a Saison brunch. Smashing! (glad to see they have a slick new website too. big improvement!)

For the wild and wacky and downright different
~ T.U.D. is no doubt wild, wacky, and unpredictable as the karoake machine fires into high gear and countless stories are retold (and new ones made) at this annual rite of completion to Philly Beer Week at Fergie's.

Possibly under the radar
~ If all goes well, no beer run of mine will ever be under-the-radar again. And, an accompanying music festival. Can't wait!

~ It may be 90 degrees on Sunday, but all the better to dip into some Christmas beers at Doobies.

And for The Brew Lounge
~ My calendar is pretty easy for Day 10. Dock Street. 5-K run is, so far, everything I'd ever hoped it could be. 400 runners will transition into a crowd of many hundreds more as the afternoon heats up with 5 great local bands. The race is sold out, but all are welcome for the live music, which is free of charge!

~ If I'm still standing, Local 44 for Russian River "scraps" will be in order around 6 o'clock or so.

~ And, if I haven't totally gone face down from exhaustion, one last T.U.D. is the annual ritual at Fergie's. Too much fun, so little time.

Philly Beer Week over and out. Enjoy detox/rehab/sleep.

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