Monday, June 04, 2012

Philly Beer Week 2012: Day 6 Preview

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At least a day prior to each day of Philly Beer Week 2012, I'll be posting up a small look into what to expect both in terms of the day's calendar of events as well as key/significant/interesting events as well as where you might likely spot me during the day and/or night.

Here's a look into the sixth day, June 6.

For the ravenous beer geeks
~ I can see the geeks lining up now for Stillwater saisons at Hawthornes, new beers from around the world via Shelton Brothers at The Farmers' Cabinet, and Nebraska Night at Eulogy Bar in Old City.

For the hungry
~ Lunch with Left Hand Dan at Jose Pistola's, Calagione at Monk's, or Laura Bell at Khyber Pass would be three fine ways to get your geek juices flowing early in the day.

~ If it's dinner, instead, that you're looking for, look no farther than a $38 four-course meal with Goose Island at Valanni, Hitachino at Pod, the Yards/Feury collaboration dinner at Fork, and a mondo beer dinner with Founders at South Philadelphia Tap Room.

~ But, for all the fancy food out there, don't forget the basics. Like pizza and Tröegs beer served up by Nick Johnson at Kennett Restaurant in Queen Village.

For the wild and wacky and downright different
~ Trevor, from Lagunitas, is a lot of fun and his event at Good Dog holds promise for satisfying this category.

~ Beerfest movie screening at the new Malt House in Mt. Airy? The new place sounds like a neat place to watch a wacky movie.

~ Alien movies and Harpoon beer at Doobies. That sounds kind of wild.

~ An Allagash-themed pie-eating contest at P.O.P.E. That definitely sounds wild and wacky.

~ A monkey and banana-themed night at The Irish Pol. I wish I knew what to say about that!

Possibly under the radar
~ I know how some of you really enjoy the beer from 16 Mile in lower Delaware. If I read the calendar correctly, they're only making one appearance and it's all the way out in Deptford, Uno's

~ 2 firkins and a few other taps of Stone Brewing's beers gives you a great excuse to head to Manayunk and Lucky's Last Chance.

~ While in Manayunk, why not stick around for Old Eagle Tavern's cheese pairing with Pennsylvania breweries, Free Will and Full Pint. An excellent reminder that while you geek out about out-of-region beers/brewers, don't forget to celebrate all that we have going on around here as well.

~ Later, back downtown at Fergie's, it's a great chance to meet the personable Wendy Yuengling, who will likely someday be running her family's iconic brewery.

Learn something
~ Forum of the Gods is a cornerstone event of Philly Beer Week, held this year at Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant, and always features interesting characters/luminaries from the world of craft brewing. This year it's Mark Edelson (Iron Hill), Rosemarie Certo (Dock Street), Greg Koch (Stone), Paul Kavulak (Nebraska), and Colby Chandler (Ballast Point).

And for The Brew Lounge
~ Wednesday is sort of an odd day for me. On one hand, it could be a fine day off. On the other hand, it could go a little something like this:

~ Start off with Breckenridge beers and sliders at For Pete's Sake.

~ Mosey over to Kennett to see Nick Johnson doing his Tröegs and pizza thing.

~ And, then, wrap up with either Yuengling at Fergie's or Bell's at St. Stephen's Green.

~ If I stay at home in the 'burbs, The Drafting Room is doing a homebrewing event, very cool. And, Teresa's Next Door is hosting Bobo and Chimay.

~ Or I could mow the lawn. Time will tell.

I wanted to take it easy on you after talking yesterday about what seemed like half the calendar. But that's how Philly Beer Week rolls; just one solid event after another (well, most of them at least).

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