Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Philly Beer Week 2012: Day 8 Preview

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At least a day prior to each day of Philly Beer Week 2012, I'll be posting up a small look into what to expect both in terms of the day's calendar of events as well as key/significant/interesting events as well as where you might likely spot me during the day and/or night.

Here's a look into the eighth day, June 8.

For the ravenous beer geeks
~ I'm sure a day of barrel-aged beers at Twisted Tail is already on the radar of many a beer geek.

~ De Dolle at Local 44. Sure, he's been around PBW a few days now, but the bottle shop at Local 44 seems like a great meet 'n' greet stop. Plus, have you checked out the bottle shop yet? Geeky meet 'n' greet amongst a geeky retail selection, sounds perfect, no?

~ This could be under-the-radar, I don't know. Fergie's Pub is hosting a Seattle-based night that you just have to read the description to appreciate the geekiness. If you like that geeky sort of thing.

For the hungry
~ Dock Street helps close out With Love Beer Garden for the week. There'll be beer of course, but it's a great place to get your grub on in the courtyard as well.

For the wild and wacky and downright different
~ "Jukebox roulette" with Varga Bar and 21st Amendment beers (plus, a Fonzie reference) sounds like just enough to be wacky.

~ Can Jam with Sierra Nevada at City Tap House on the terrace? Look out below?!

~ I haven't said a ton about the 'burbs and Iron Abbey is one of the solid ones to the north in Horsham. There'll be all sorts of New Holland beer on this night, plus a costume party. Need I say wild?

~ Friday night seems a little light on the foodie events and heavier on the wild and wacky. At South Philadelphia Tap Room, it's Dan Conway and his Left Hand beer with an event called "Left Hand Arm Wrestling". Need we say more? Could wind up an epic night on Mifflin.

Possibly under the radar
~ Mad Mex has been quietly going about a decent draft list of beers for quite some time now. They've got beer events going on every day of beer week. On day 8, it's Double IPAs which I know will make many of you sit up and pay attention. Check 'em out in University City.

~ If big beers are your thing, but University City is not, you may want to check out Prohibition Taproom and its "HUGE beer event", which I haven't heard much about this week. Have you? Here's a good opportunity to stop by.

~ If you haven't been paying attention, you're likely missing Manayunk's rising star since Doug Marchakitus came and took over the mash paddle a few years back. Grey Lodge plays hosts to a bunch of his beers, including a Flanders Red and its only sighting outside of the brewpub.

Learn something
~ 20% off specialty grains for homebrewing will get you learning something for less out-of-pocket. Home Sweet Home Brew has been running various specials each day of PBW. This would be a good day to get what you need for the weekend brewing project. Have you noticed, too, that they have a nice and new website going on over there too?

~ You know you love Hill Farmstead's beer. You can learn a little something about it as well at Tria's Fermentation School with Shaun Hill.

And for The Brew Lounge
~ I'm pretty darn certain that I'll be taking the night completely off from PBW. Not only will it be good to recharge before the weekend, but I've got a lot of those so-called ducks to make sure are lined up prior to Sunday's big run at Dock Street.

~ Of course, that won't stop me from perhaps taking in some dinner and beer at TJ's. If the right people and beers are there, I may even take to talking about it like it was an event ;-)

The second weekend of Philly Beer Week is just around the corner. Hang in there; we can do this.

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