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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Brew Lounge extends its hours

If I had my act more together, you would have heard yesterday from me that my inaugural column submission was included on the homepage of The Washington Times yesterday. In fact, it may still be there today when/if you hop over there. It's in the Communities section and that's where my new column, After Hours at The Brew Lounge, will regularly be housed. In the first few weeks, my goal will be to have a new column written roughly twice a week. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to go into a lot more detail about it right now (see, this is one posting that I really did not--and probably should have--pre-stage), so I will leave you with a couple of snippets that you can find over at After Hours. You can trust there will be more on this topic in the days and weeks to come.
After Hours at The Brew Lounge: Exploring the people, places, sights, sounds, and stories behind the passionate pursuit of great beer. "...The Brew Lounge will carry some exclusive stories, as will After Hours at The Brew Lounge here at The Communities. There will be some cross-posting where the same story will show up in both places, and yet in other cases I will likely use the opportunity to begin a story in one spot and pick it up in the other..." Read more over at The Washington Times...


Jean Broillet IV said...

Well done Bryan! It's great see the recognition of your talent. I look forward to hanging out at the Brew Lounge... After Hours.

Mike said...

Bravo, my fine sir. Bra-vo!

Adam said...

Again, congrats!

Hey, how's that stout coming along?

Anonymous said...


Bryan Kolesar said...

Thanks everyone...guess I need to get moving on article #2, y'think?