Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some of you really know your brewer resumes!

Beau Baden used to brew at a Pyramid Alehouse in California. A few of you that wanted to go to Bourbons, Brews, and Bryson yesterday knew that and replied to my quick little "popup contest" yesterday. Greg Heller-Labelle (of the nicely "art"-iculated Pour Curator) was both the overall quickest and the first to reply with the correct answer about Baden's brewing history. Greg attended with a couple of his friends and, with no pressure from me, offered to bring back a few words and pictures to share with the rest of us. For those of us that intended to go, or had second thoughts, I get a feeling we're all going to be a little disappointed for not being there as well. Congratulations, Greg, and I trust you enjoyed your complimentary ticket from the Fegley Crew at Brew Works.

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