Sunday, August 22, 2010

Victory Village, finally (?)

It seems like eons ago that I was searching out info about the Victory Village beer brewed by Victory in collaboration with local coffee roaster, One Village Coffee from Souderton, PA. No one seemed to know much, or else was saying much at the time. Unless I missed a press release or some other courtesy e-mail, I suppose there's good reason for the stealth debut? I was doing a bunch of accidental surfing tonight (doesn't sound as glamorous or salacious as you might think), when I came across what appears to be a release (finally!) of the Victory Village beer. the Pub...and at Teresa's Next Door. I may stop in at Teresa's to see if I can finally get some of the closely guarded secrets of this beer. Or, perhaps I should call first....just to be sure. btw, here's a link back to the early end of the story, if you wish.


fhnsab said...

Had this at the brewpub last night. It was great!

Chris said...

Victory Village is now on tap at Christopher's A Neighborhood Place, Wayne Pa. Everyone is loving it.