Saturday, August 07, 2010

More great stuff from The Brew Lounge coming soon

Yup, I know. You're still awaiting the official TBL BCTC '10 wrap-up. I've got the pictures uploaded and a few more words to write and you'll see it all by Monday morning at the latest, I promise. I had a business trip to Providence break up my past week. So, in addition to being out of the office and away from home, I missed a couple of great events that I might have otherwise attended. If you went to either Tap and Table's Bullfrog Beer Dinner in Emmaus or Iron Hill's Beer Dinner in Lancaster, I'd sure love to hear about them. They both sounded like quite the worthy beer events for any savvy beer lover. In the coming week or so, I'm going to take my half dozen or so visits to Providence over the past few years and distill them down to the best of beer drinking in Providence for your reading pleasure. So, that might be something you can look forward to. Or not, if you prefer to keep your impression of Providence along the lines of the television show by the same name ( wait, now I see that they actually won some awards....but, mostly in costumes, makeup, and hair design. Wow, that was a nasty tangent of sorts....moving on.) Otherwise, Ommegang is coming back to The Brew Lounge one more time Monday morning. Stay tuned...

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