Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Early Morning News: Bus Accident at Monk's

I awoke to the morning news channels leading off with the big story and my e-mail inbox was abuzz with multiple "did you hear" and "bus accident at Monk's" notes from friends. Other than Philly.com curiously referring to Monk's as a "popular Belgium brewpub and restaurant", there don't seem to be too many details yet floating around about the SEPTA bus accident at the front door of Monk's Café in the early morning hours today. Or news about how the accident may affect Monk's ability to stay open over the coming days. (Yesterday, Monk's hosted an Allagash Monday Madness event and there are no other officially-scheduled events on the calendar until September's Local Beer Dinner on 9/14.) No one was reported injured. Philly.com has the most pictures, most of them dark and from a distance. NBC Philadelphia perhaps has the clearest and closest look at the damage to the façade. >>mid-morning update from Michael Klein at Philly.com: Tom Peters reportedly thinks that they can be open and operational again within two week.

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