Friday, May 09, 2008

CBR & TBL; Flyers & Pens; Philly & Pitt; It's On Like Donkey Kong

It's sure difficult getting through work today waiting for the dropping of the puck at 7:30 eastern time tonight. We've got ourselves the making of a nice little wager here between Philly-based The Brew Lounge & Pittsburgh-based Craft Beer Radio.

I'm expecting to see our Flyers come through strong like our local brewers and proprietors have done. Here are the 11 participating establishments along with their officially pledged items (but not expecting to surrender):

Grey Lodge - Grey Lodge t-shirt
Iron Hill Brewery - couple of 750 ml bottles
McKenzie Brew House - Abbey 8 in 750ml bottles
Monk's Café - limited edition, Monk's Café bottle opener (only 50 handmade, by local blacksmith)
Sierra Nevada Brewery - SN golf shirt
Sly Fox Brewing - Sly Fox t-shirt & 6 pack
The Drafting Room - unspecified
TJs - One 12 oz. bottle of each: 2006 Avery The Beast; 2007 Dogfish Head Raison D'Extra; 2008 Dogfish Head Immort; 2008 Peche Mortel
Tröegs Brewing - couple of six packs of mixed Tröegs
Victory Brewing - six pack each of Prima Pils & Hop Devil
Yards Brewing - 6-pack of Philly Pale Ale



Jeff Bearer said...

Bryan, and the Brew Lounge has won the first battle, He has a better little black book of local beer proprietors than I do. I almost feel guilty taking all of that great stuff and giving it to faithful CBR Listeners and Penguin Fans.

Craft Beer Radio, And the Great City of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Have the following Items pledged.

Pennsylvania Brewing Company - Weizenbock 750ML.

East End Brewing Company - Bottle of Gratitude Barleywine, Growler of Big Hop IPA, EEBC Glassware, and Big Hop T-Shirt.

Bocktown Beer and Grill - Bocktown T-Shirt, an order of 'Yinzer'
fries, a Strip district salad, and a Three Rivers 'Burgher. **

And since I feel bad not having as many pledges as Bryan, I'll throw in a six pack of Purkuno's Hammer, No not Baltic Thunder, but the Hammer. Nice and aged and ready for comparison with Baltic Thunder.

Hopefully that helps even it out just a little. (Not Like I'm going to have to pay up anyway!)

Even Rocky knows which team is going to take the Eastern Conference. He will be wearing a Pens Jersey by the end of the series. NO DOUBT!

Bryan Kolesar said...

Well, regardless of quantity, that's impressive quality no doubt.

Thanks to all of the participants and their contributions.

And, I know that you were at the brewery, so that Hammer was treated well from brewer to your basement.

Game on, my friend. This is gonna be fun. See you in Pittsburgh on Sunday!

Jeff Bearer said...

Oh, yeah, Tonights Score? Pens 6 Flyers 4

Anonymous said...

Good game so far! This is great hockey!

Jeff Bearer said...

And it goes to Philly for the next 2 games. Go Pens! Keep doing what you are doing!

Bryan Kolesar said...

Ah, I knew that it wouldn't be long before I heard from you Jeff! The Pens have played better than the Flyers, but not as well as they could be playing. That's why I'm confident that I'll be heading out to Pittsburgh next Sunday with the series tied at two games a piece. Unless the refs continue to show their inconsistent penalty calling.

Jeff Bearer said...

Sure they blew a few calls like the Hatcher on Fleury interference when he was pushed in, but remember that they also took away a goal from us.

You know that the video more supported a goal than not. But was not conclusive to overturn the call on the ice.

Also when Hextall, I mean Biron crosschecked Ruutu in the back after Rutuu was pushed into the crease and was leaving on his own accord.

My question is, Where are all the TBL Flyers Fans? I'm just talking it up to get some replies here but it seems that they have resigned to defeat! :)

Bryan Kolesar said...

A good point about my TBL Flyers fans....though, most of them perhaps are the ones that have put up the bet? Just not the talkative type? Dunno

I really hope (and, actually I believe) that Flyers fans haven't given up. We're a good home team and as long as Pittsburgh doesn't start playing really well, then we should be able to take back two at home. And, we haven't played that badly.

Anyone backing me up? I know it's a nasty Monday morning, but....

Anonymous said...

I think you are right with "You know that the video more supported a goal than not.".

I agree with "And, we haven't played that badly.". The flyers have scared me a few times, when they really tried hard behind the net...

Finally I see a hard game for the Pens and I cross my fingers and hope they come at least with one win back home :-)