Saturday, May 31, 2008

Homebrewing has their own Monthly Blogging Event

Looks like Adam should be proud of the turnout for the inaugural group blogging event (sounds sort of racy doesn't it?!). I lost count at somewhere around 20 participants who each pitched in their own run-in with homebrewing. Seems like there wasn't any difficulty coming up with first homebrewing stories. Very interesting and entertaining to say the least. Now let's see how they follow up with an encore topic. My first homebrewing extravaganza was documented here at The Brew Lounge. Not exactly riveting or entertaining, rather more of a documented first-person resource for stumblers-by on the Web. Reminds me that I have some stories (helpful, I hope) to share with you all about my latest batch, a Saison...which just so happens to be my favorite all-around style. Oh, regarding name suggestions for future months (since Adam admits that Homebrew Blogging Day is a bit cumbersome and my own personal pet peeve is that it contains that nasty word 'blog'...but it's not about me), I'll throw a couple in the ring. How about Tales from the Brew Kettle or Mash 'n' Meanderings or Kettle Talk or....


Adam said...

Racy eh? I'll do anything for attention ;-)

Thanks for the kudos. Also thanks for the blog name suggestions.

I like you're step by step experience. Can I add it to the list?

Kevin said...

The Boil Over