Monday, May 12, 2008

Will Iron Hill Light Your Fire?

Now here's something worth getting hot and bothered over! I'd reported on this way back somewhere in time when they'd just filled a Tabasco barrel with the Lodestone Lager. (Turns out Ithaca had done something similar; reminds me to check in with them to see how things turned out.) I wondered if the beer and Tabasco would play nicely together and settle down after I'd heard the first reaction to it from Chris, Jean, and Mark.

The lager must not have worked out as planned, but the porter did well enough and they're now making the Tabasco barrel-aged porter available to customers on Father's Day next month. It's been tagged "Ring of Fire Porter". Sounds like the perfect treat for Dad.....or anyone for that matter. I like the availability in smaller bottles, since their bigger bottle format consistently comes in around $20 and can get you thinking twice about shelling out for it. Though, as I've said before, all bottle offerings from Iron Hill have always been high quality and well worth Mr. Jackson's disappearance.

From their press release...

On Sunday, June 15, Iron Hill will premier "Ring of Fire Porter," an assertive brew sure to light Dad’s fire.

Crafted from Iron Hill’s own Pig Iron Porter, then aged and finished in a TABASCO® pepper mash oak barrel, this is a libation that will please beer and barbecue lovers alike. Better still, it arrives just in time for grilling season. Ring of Fire will be available in 375 ml bottles for $9 at all Iron Hill locations for dine-in and carry-out.

As the beer ages inside the oak Tabasco barrels, the heat and the pepper character mix with the roastiness and subtle chocolate notes of the porter, making this a steak-friendly beer with 5% alcohol that’s sure to be a summertime favorite for its sweet, smoky character and flavorful punch.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! I very much enjoyed IH's Habanaro Stout at the homebrew competition earlier this year.