Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's On Tap 5/22/08 - An Analysis

Just because my analytic side can't let go, here's a breakdown at what you can find on tap today at the locations I included. If you missed it, here's a link to download the tap lists. Enjoy.

Tap This!
  - 21 locations averaging 14 taps 172 unique beers

Drink Local
  - 19% non-U.S.; 81% U.S.; 64% of the U.S. beer is from Pennsylvania

  - Yuengling Lager on 10 taps; Guinness Stout & Victory HopDevil on 9 (Have you guys heard of a stout named O'Reilly? If you haven't, Call Suzy; I only see it on 4 taps); Miller Lite on 8 (it's not the worst of all dem macro lights, imo)

Rounding out the top 10 most found
  - Coors Light 6; Stella Artois Belgian Pale Ale 6; Hoegaarden Belgian Wit 5; Samuel Adams Summer Ale 5; Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 5; 5 tied at 4

What Hop Shortage?
  - 10 IPAs on tap; 9 APAs; 8 Belgian-Style Witbiers; 7 American Imperial/Double IPAs

  - Yards ESA and PPA only on a single tap each (I get a feeling that's about to change)


Unknown said...

Thanks Bryan-=-=

Just printed the spread sheet out.
Looks like I've got some fishing to do in Chester Co.


Bryan Kolesar said...

see..who said you wouldn't be getting "away" for the weekend?!

Adam said...

Nice job!

Greg G. said...

Nice job with the tap listing again Bryan. I got a good read with it at work today. I picked out what I would like to have if i could...