Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's On Tap tomorrow May 22nd? Funny You Should Ask

What's On Tap - May 22nd - northern Chester County, PA and nearby

Did you think I forgot about this little project called What's On Tap? Remember the last time I did it?

Recall that the idea is that I'm showing you what will be on tap. (Actually the proprietors are doing the telling, but let's not go and get all pedantic.) In this case, what will be on tap tomorrow, Thursday May 22nd.

Keep in mind that draft beer is not always a predictable thing. So, this is the proprietors' best estimation of what will be on tap tomorrow. In any case, it's a nice piece of P.R. for the great beer (local and otherwise) that we have flowing here in these suburban Philly parts.

This time around, I expanded a bit, now have 21 bars and brewpubs participating (last time it was 15, I believe). This time around we've got a new Ron's, an expanded Victory, and a few new entrants like Capone's and Half Moon. But, the biggest surprise to me is Rino's. Always known for excellent pizza and pasta, family-run Rino's is trying to make a splash in the better beer scene too.

While the tap list may not blow a lot of you away, there are a few good ones on there and plenty more of spectacular bottled ones in the cooler. According to daughter Samantha, father Lance is trying to bring in new and interesting (though, I think she might have used the word "crazy" :) stuff. Case in point, there's a poster board by the front door that encourages drinking Saison Dupont with dinner. While there are no plans to have a bar environment, keep Rino's in mind when taking the family out for a decent sit-down dinner or passing through the Exton Square Mall. Thanks to whomever it was that advised me to check them out.

So, click here and check it out. When you click "Open With Excel," or something like that, you'll get two tabs in the Excel for all of the establishments and their offerings and one for a style listing for all of the beers. Drop me a line if you've appreciated this "What's On Tap" concept. One of these days, I just might make it a more frequently occurring feature.


Adam said...

You're ahead of your time sir :-) Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bryan...we unexpectedly kicked the Summerfest last night. Sprecher Pub Ale is on now.

Bryan Kolesar said...

replacing one all-star with another, eh? Can't be surprised though that the delicious Summerfest kicked. I'd have done it if I wasn't drinking my own bottles at home...which reminds me that I need to get another case of it.

Thanks for the update, Jeff. I'll update the spreadsheet.