Friday, May 16, 2008

TJs is still staffed at the bar

Last Friday afternoon's rainy day special showed you a glimpse into the underage drinking scene at one particular ballpark ;-) This week, the weather's even worse, but I've got something better for you. Have a look at what one of the area's favorite bartenders has been up to. Next time you're at TJs bar, you'll be thankful he came out of this experience in one piece. Might as well cover two other points on TJs while I'm at it. Jeff continues to keep the tap list as current as ever. Check it out. While you're there, be sure to support their Smoke-Free Saturday Nights; they may be coming to an end...If everyone who's got something to say about smoke in bars would support TJs, perhaps things wouldn't be ending this way. But, it appears that Jeff may have a decent alternative in store.

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Greg G. said...

I am going my best to support TJs and Jeff from afar. I am doing my best to eat and drink at only non smoking joints or at least places that have outside seating to avoid the smoke.