Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What is a Lawnmower Beer?

Typically, a lawnmower beer is defined as one that you can drink while mowing the lawn, all the while keeping the lines straight. With rain on its way to my neck of the woods, I mowed this evening. But, earlier in the day, I stopped by the grand unveiling of the new Victory in Downingtown, PA. More on that visit later...

I picked up a growler of not-lawnmower-beer, Sapphire, the 10.5% ABV easy-drinking Belgian from Victory that they brewed for the Craft Brewers Conference recently in San Diego, CA. But, I also had a true lawnmower beer, the aptly named, Fancy Lawnmower Beer from St. Arnold Brewing in Houston, TX. This award-winning 4.9% ABV Kölsch was one of my take-home treats from my recent Texas trip.

These two beers couldn't have been more different, yet at the same time they were both refreshingly pleasing. Though, I suppose you could say that I should have only had a 12 oz. bottle of Sapphire and growler of Lawnmower. But yardwork is tough work and must be rewarded ;-)

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