Monday, July 07, 2008

of Beer & Bicycles

I was originally planning to entitle this piece, 'I Want to Ride My Bicycle', but wanted to avoid any lyrical debate of the composers, performers, or whether Donna Summer or The Ten Tenors also performed a song of Queen origins that might detract from my message of beer and bikes. Let's get to the point. I know many who are all geared up (yup, geared up) now that the 95th Tour de France is underway. This was a great weekend of bikes and tennis, but I'll stay away from tennis for the time being, since I'm reaching for any beer tie-in. Let it be said, though, that from the women to the men, doubles to singles, this was a magnificent weekend for the tennis world, too. I have a handful of interesting links for you to check out related to bicycling and beer. First off, Jeff at Madison Beer Review has decided to do his own Tour de French Beer where he'll explore beer along the route of this year's Tour de France. He's off already with a posting this past Friday and intends to do it every week until the Champs-Élysées. Should be an interesting ride for both the riders and the readers of Madison Beer Review. A little closer to home, Scott Smith at East End Brewing recently completed the Keg Ride for Pedal Pale Ale of which he delivers the first keg by group bicycle ride to an previously undisclosed bar. Upon arrival, tapping commences and partying ensues. Great times for close to 200 bike riders this year. And back in the Philly region, you can keep up with the exploits of a group of bicycling and beer lovers. Their blog is headed up by Jesse and contributed to by several other enthusiasts. Lastly, when the Tour ends on 7/27 in Paris, Brendan and crew at Memphis Taproom will be celebrating accordingly. Details forthcoming; stay tuned.


Jeremy said...

On the topic of Beer and Bicyles... the 4th annual Ironhill Criterium (bike race) in downtown West Chester, PA was this weekend. It was an excellent time and the ironhill beer garden near to the finish line was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out, and thanks for these other beer/bike links!

Greg G. said...


Nice post on beer and bikes. Two things that go together really well.

I think we are going to try to make the final day of the Tour in Paris on the Champs-élysées. That should be a madhouse!


Steve said...

You could have went with the Pink Floyd song "Bike".

Unknown said...

Hey Bryan,
If you're planing along at home, you should make note of no less than 225 (!!!) riders coming out this year to help me deliver those first two kegs of Pedal Pale Ale... yes, we had to pull TWO so there there would be enough beer for everyone on the ride.

Good to meet you face to face here, and thanks again for all the help - got your letter too, btw.

Hope to see you again soon... maybe at your end of the state!