Monday, July 28, 2008

Philly's Cyclists Go To Cooperstown, Day 1

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As violent storms ripped through the Philadelphia area yesterday, Sunday, July 27th, our fearless cyclists celebrated the end of the Tour de France by embarking upon the first of 6 legs (this one, 60 miles) from the Philadelphia Museum of Art and winding up in Upper Black Eddy, PA.

This just so happens to be across river from The Ship Inn in Milford, NJ where the group refueled before crashing at the charming, pet-friendly Indian Rock Inn on the other side of the river. Hopefully only a couple of English-styled pints allowed them to make the short return without incident back across and up river to their beds at the Inn.

Today, it's 47 miles farther up river to Delaware Water Gap. Here's a recap of the day, direct from Chris.
Well day one is done! Following a hearty dinner, we're hanging out in the "common room" at the Indian Rock Inn hoping to catch the Tour recap.

Today we rode 60 miles from the Art Museum steps to Upper Black Eddy. Beautiful ride with some really nice roads. The only wrench in the works was of course the intense thunderstorm that hit us at mile 52. It was bad enough for us to take shelter on a complete stranger's front overhang for 20 minutes or so. Most importantly I was concerned that the deluge would jeopardize our planned stop at the Ship Inn in Milford. Between the soaked chamoises and the threat of another round of tempest, I was sure everyone would want to head straight to the lodgings. To my delight though, things got drier and spirits got lighter by the time we reached the pub and everyone was ready for a beer.

The Ship Inn is set up like an English pub and the beer theme matches with English style house brews and a selection of imported English beers. Fortunately, it was casual enough for us to barely command second looks when we walked in in bike shorts and matching Philadelphia jerseys.

After our milds and ESBs we remounted and rode the remaining 4 miles to the Indian Rock where Chris, one of the owners, informed us that the "bar was open." While not a beer bar by any means we were glad to see they had a selection of four different Tröegs beers to end the day with.

Tomorrow we'll head up along the Delaware River to the Delaware Water Gap. Ten miles into the ride though we'll stop at Weyerbacher for a tour. The challenge will be to keep our Blithering Idiot consumption low enough that we don't decide to stay in Easton and scrap the remaining 40 miles. Wish us luck!



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for these updates! This sounds like a great ride.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Sixpack here, thanking Chris and Brew Lounge for keeping those of us stuck at home (but--thankfully--with a full fridge or two of Joe Sixpack's beer. . . ) updated on the adventures. Funny, Don's calls homes are all about the grueling hills and not about the grueling hours spent on a bar stool!

Cheers, Theresa

Dan Bengel said...

A full fridge or two of beer? Sound like a party at Joe's house!

Bryan Kolesar said...

Thursday night in Philly instead of Zieglerville? Deal!

Anonymous said...

Another thanks here! It's wonderful to be able to see the adventure from the comfort of my fat padded chair. Can't wait for the next installment.

Nick's Main Squeeze