Sunday, July 20, 2008

Whole Foods + Beer + Cheese = Contentness

Here are some pictures of the always well-stocked Whole Foods on Houston in NYC. From the front door to the beer store, this location on Houston (betw. Bowery & 2nd) feels to me like one of the largest and best inventories of all that I've been. A walk-in cheese cave, a beer store, what else do you need?!

Growler station fillups were available from Brooklyn, Dogfish, Sly Fox, Defiant, and hm, was it Climax or Magic Hat? And, get this. Empty growlers only cost $2.99 and fillups range from just under $10 and on up based on the brand and style (e.g. the Defiant Tripel was $13.99, Sly Fox Abbey Extra was $8.99).

Longer review (sans pictures, hence this posting) this past December back over here.


Mark said...

And this will happen in Philadelphia - when?

Brian P said...

I hate being jealous of NYC but with a Whole Foods set up like that it's hard not to be.