Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Philly's Cyclists Go To Cooperstown, Day 3

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So, here I am feeling a little lazy watching these weekday warriors tackle 350 miles to Cooperstown. I decide to run 7 or so miles last night through the rolling hills of Zieglerville and Schwenksville and the like. Then, I see that our friends in spandex (ugh, strike that image) did something like 80 miles heading north from Delaware Water Gap today. Then, came this....

I'm not sure if this is a ransom picture, or what. But, it sure was a mention something of a bathrobe, hottub, wearniness, and needing a beer. Theresa, he may just be trying to reinforce that there's a lot of physical effort being exerted out there on the road, dunno. Click here if you wish, but consider yourself warned! I'm not sure how I'll sleep tonight ;-)

Moving along...Chris, takes it from here.

Sitting here in the lounge of The Settlers Inn with a St. Bernardus on the armrest, our start at the Deer's Head Inn seems like days ago. It was our biggest day, both in mileage and vertical feet, with a plethora of flats thrown in.

We rolled out at 9. Around 10 I realized that every day Nick unknowingly reminds me that touring isn't worth it unless you're looking at something other than your odometer or the butt of the guy in front of you.
Less than an hour into the ride on each day I hear Nick yell "it's beautiful!" and see him looking off to his left or right. Today it really paid off when he started yelling "bear bear!".

Now I grew up in the Pine Barrens and go back country hiking in Colorado every year. But this was my first real live bear sighting. A momma and her cub about 15 yards from the road. That's the thing about cycling, you're quieter than a car but faster than a hiker. You can sneak up on things without even planning to.

The rest of the ride was scenic and cultural but spotted with torturous climbing and flats (four! Three of them mine!)

We had a great lunch in Milford at the Water Wheel. The fact that they had a selection of Vietnamese dishes gave me hope for beer selection that evening. Hope is what I needed because all of yesterday's Weyerbacher was gone, the Beer Lass won't show up with cans of Sly Fox until Wednesday night, and I've been seeing lots of NASCAR memorabilia all day. Further encouragement came when a bathrobe-clad Joe Sixpack sent us a text informing us that Éphémère was on tap at tonight's lodgings.

When we got there we weren't disappointed. After a shower I headed to the oak-furnished lobby/lounge of The Settlers Inn in Hawley, PA. We were provided with comfortable furniture and chess tables if we had the energy for them! They were changing the keg of Allagash White when I arrived at the bar and not being able to wait I got a bottle of Monty Python Holy Grail. Hoppy and dry, and I mean English water, mineral dry. My next beer was a La Trappe Quad (had to jump in with both feet). Then we moved to the dining room for the best meal I've had in weeks including in Philly. I had a Lamb Shank in a blueberry sauce paired with a St. Bernardus 12. (ed. note: WOW!)

Great ending and just reward to a long tough day. I plan to return sometime when I haven't been abusing myself all day.

Tomorrow we head to Hancock, NY. 60 miles and hopefully less climbing! Plus the Beer Lass will be there to meet us with a selection of Sly Fox cans and bottles!



(Index to The Week of Ommegang)


Anonymous said...

If I'm not misreading that bathrobe shot, it appears as though Joe Sixpack was about to get a pedicure.

Mrs. Sixpack

Anonymous said...

We have lunch and/or dinner at the Settlers Inn every year while up at Lake Wallenpaupak for vacation. Wonderful little place...