Saturday, March 07, 2009

PBW 2009: Day 1 Wrap-Up and Day 2 Preview

Link to Day 1 Pictures

What I did: @TJs, Duvel Green comes to Paoli ---> Why wait on a train platform when I could enjoy my F.U.D. at TJs? At least that was my thinking when I started the day. Duvel Green made its debut at Monk's Cafe back in the fall and is now expected to be setting up residence on tap handles around the region. I enjoyed some in NYC on New Year's Eve and was reminded that I couldn't wait to find this great tasting (with a little less punch than "normal" Duvel) on tap again. Unfortunately, I was running late for my train, so I'll need to keep my eyes open for the Duvel Green elsewhere around town at one of the many places that it's due to show up.

@Doobies, Save a Kitty ---> I didn't know if I'd find Gene, Casey, or anyone else from Flying Fish hanging around, but I thought I'd put in my one or two pints worth to save the kitties and see what Doobies is all about at the same time. Abbey Dubbel didn't disappoint, and I think the kitties were pleased as well. I was the first customer of the day; approximately 10-15 others joined me while I was there during the mid-afternoon in putting back almost 20 Abbey Dubbels...the kitties thank you all.

@Grace Tavern, Rogue with Badass Buhler ---> Now that I'm an official part of Rogue Nation (thanks to Cheryl at the Ale House in San Francisco), I figured I should go and see what benefits it would afford me at Grace Tavern where Sebbie Buhler was doling out bennies (and a little something with rum and chocolate too!) to all who stopped by. The Frog Rye IPA might have been the best beer I had all day. Rough count had around 30 or so people getting a head start on Happy Hour with Sebbie and Rogue.

@Sidecar, New Holland/Arcadia ---> Here's where I had to be careful. With Fred Bueltmann, Joel Armato, and Tim Suprise pouring the predictably dangerous brews (and pairing them with cheese) from New Holland and Arcadia, I needed to keep the social lubrication under control with the Opening Tap looming at 7pm. No worries, though. All was good, since there was a doctor in the house. I had the chance to sample the dependably hop-pleasant Mad Hatter IPA from New Holland. A run-in with Arcadia will need to take place again later in the week. Around 30-40 were spotted getting ready for the big beer/cheese smackdown.

@Comcast Center, Opening Tap ---> Then came the Official Kickoff to Philly Beer Week. Others positioned for 12:01am to get on the calendar ahead of everyone else. But, we all know that Philly Beer Week had officially begun when the Hammer of Glory arrived via Mike Fava/Ben Franklin on a tandem bicycle. Huh? Yeah, it was a sight to be seen.

With last year's easy swing of the mallet behind him, Mayor Michael Nutter was ready to step up and take on the Hammer of Glory to let loose the Yards ESA for approximately 600 people (a sell-out) who were waiting. In the meantime, at least 30 other beers were keeping the natives sated. Jack Curtin published a list of beers to be found at Opening Tap. Glad he did this since he was no where to be found. Either a snowstorm hit route 422, or he was having a hangnail removed, or the dogs needed to be let out. In any case, we raised a toast to our friend Jack, who was slaving away under the light of his writer's garret.

If it wasn't for the early morning rise on Saturday to do the Dock Street/Brew Lounge Run, we might have hit up South Philly Taproom or St. Stephen's Green. But, we erred on the side of prudence and grabbed one last at Bridgewater's while waiting on the train, this being Day 1 and all. And, to all, it was a very good night.

What I might do tomorrow:

The Brew Lounge presents: Dock Street-to-Dock Street Scavenger Run ---> No 'might' here. I'm hosting close to 75 runners, with the intention of drinking plenty of Bohemian Pilsner, Hop Garden, and Man Full O Trouble at the end...Flammenkuche pizza, too!

@The Institute, The Bruery and St. Somewhere ---> This is a short walk from the hotel we're staying at, so this seems very likely

@Standard Tap, King Pin ---> Maybe we could have dinner somewhere in Northern Liberties, or heck, at Standard Tap and help kick a few pins at the same time. Think they can cook up a good carbo-loading meal for my 16 mile run on Sunday?

@Bridgid's, Yards ---> I get a feeling I might start shuttin' down after dinner, so it might be back to the hotel. If we have any gas left in our tank, I'd love to head to Bridgid's.

@P.O.P.E., with New Holland Burlesque ---> And, if that lady named prudence is no where to be found, you could very easily find us at P.O.P.E. for some racy burlesque and brews!

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