Sunday, March 08, 2009

PBW 2009: Day 2 Wrap-Up and Day 3 Preview

Link to Day 2 Pictures

What I did: The Brew Lounge presents: Dock Street-to-Dock Street Scavenger Run ---> How perfect was the weather? How great is Philly for running? How great is Philly for beer? How great is Bohemian Pilsner (dry) Gold Stock for a post-run refueling?!

52 runners came out and another dozen or so family and friends joined us at Dock Street for one of the most perfect days for running and outdoor beer drinking in Philadelphia. We all had a blast and Dock Street provided complimentary food and handed out some very cool prizes for the top 5 finishers in the Scavenger Run. Joe McNulty took home the top solo runner prize and the team of Christopher Blinn & Joe Whelan took home the team runner prize.

@The Institute, The Bruery and Saint Somewhere ---> Finally getting to taste the beers that everyone's been raving about from The Bruery certainly did not disappoint. The Bruery was pouring their Orchard White and Saint Somewhere from Florida had their Lectio Divinas...though, don't hold me to it. Between the conversation at the bar with Heather, Don Russell, and the brewers, I just took whatever was given to me.

With Patrick Rue putting out 600 bbls and capacity to grow to 5,000 and Bob Sylvester at Saint Somewhere aiming to double his capacity, we're likely to see much more from the two these new-ish breweries over the coming years. In fact, Patrick mentioned not only recently coming to Pennsylvania, but New York, Massachusetts, and Oregon as well.

I didn't get time to take in any Wii action (private booths), but The Institute definitely ranks up there as a not-so-likely destination beer bar north of Spring Garden. Husband and wife team of Heather and Charlie provide a friendly and relaxing atmosphere befitting a great beer bar.

@Standard Tap, King Pin ---> An easy trip down Spring Garden on SEPTA's 43 bus, which magically came after I stepped out to Spring Garden from The Institute, and I was just minutes away from Standard Tap. Now I already knew that Standard was packed to the walls earlier when the king pin event officially started. But, I figured I was already behind "schedule" and that there, of course, would still be great beer and dinner to be found.

And, many of the party people were still in the house. I ran into Yards' Frank Winslow walking up 2nd Street and found out what everyone else has been saying thusfar around Philly Beer Week: "The first three days of PBW have had events that have all been wildly successful."

Take for example at Standard Tap where one Yards employee said that Tria was a mob scene, another said that Good Dog was packed, and the King Pin event at Standard was spilling outside. Casey Hughes from Flying Fish concurred regarding his events as did Suzy Woods from Sly Fox about hers. Even the cab driver who took me back to the hotel knew something to do with beer was going on in the city.

They all convened on Standard Tap to then move on to Bridgid's for the smoked meat, beer, and kielbasa contest (not a typo). That was before some of them then moved on to the P.O.P.E. for the New Holland sponsored burlesque event. Quite the festive beer party scene, I tell ya.

And, I can attest. In the first two days of visiting 7 events and 2 establishments (sans events), the enthusiasm and attendance has been overwhelming. But, back to the King Pin. I stood no chance of meeting up for this event, given that Philly Brewing's pin kicked in, like, 42 seconds...or something close to it and they were officially crowned the 'King Pin'. Even Kevin Bacon, I'm told, showed up for the event...or one's quite sure. Although everyone I know is now one degree closer to Kevin Bacon :)

@P.O.P.E., with New Holland Burlesque ---> So, even though I called it quits after Standard Tap, I feel inclined to list this event because it seems to be where everyone, except I, went to after Standard (and, okay, the Yards guys that went to Bridgid's). Apparently, another wall-to-wall event with great beer and, this one, with scantily clad ladies entertaining the crowd. I tell ya, what else can PBW offer?!

So, as predicted, after the run and gallivanting the city, knowing that I was doing a 16 mile run in the morning, I called it quits after dinner. Having a hotel room in the city definitely took the angst out of getting home, allowing us to eat, drink, and be merry to our hearts content.

What I might do tomorrow: First, I'll start off with a 16 mile run. It should be an absolutely beautiful morning for a run through the city and Fairmount Park. After cleaning up my act, Patty and I will head out for brunch. @Bridgid's, Brunch ---> We might have opted for Memphis Taproom's Vintage Beer Brunch, but it begins too late and would have conflicted with The Brewer's Plate. Plus, Bridgid's will likely have already put on some Ballast Point beer from San Diego leading up to their afternoon event with the brewer. @UPenn, Brewer's Plate ---> I've said this since the first year: THE BEST ANNUAL FOOD AND BEER PAIRING EVENT, possibly in the country. I expect that the Museum at the University of Pennsylvania will be a striking and well-suited venue for this event.


kmudrick said...

So... did you end up doing the 16 miler today?

My Sunday consisted of: homebrew swap at dock street, black ops at tria, wild devil at irish pol :)

Anonymous said...

We've never met, but it sounds like I just missed you at the Institute. Tried both beers on offer-the barrel aged Lectio Divina was fantastic, enjoyed by all my party, and it was nice to get to talk wild yeast with the brewer.
The Orchard White we also tried, and though I can't say I fully appreciated it's really varied taste and smell, it was certainly interesting.
I tried the "collaboration" beer at Tria earlier-an interesting combination of Yards Brawler and ESA. A little sour and yeasty, but nice and fresh, as all ale should be. Tom Kehoe got me excited about the cask ale fest, and indicated they were getting some casks from Fullers, UK to boot!

Bryan Kolesar said...

Hey Kevin...yessir, I did! It was a beautiful morning for a long run through the city and I felt great, even after a night of frollicking in the city.

Anon, I enjoyed The Institute as well, but was a bit disappointed in what sounds like a slipup in delivery from the distributor..only one beer from each brewery. Capone's on Sunday had several products from The Bruery. Oh well, I'll find the Saison from them sometime soon I hope!Thanks for the note