Wednesday, March 18, 2009

PBW 2009: Philadelphia's Beer Scene in the News

Over the past couple of weeks, mainstream media in the Philadelphia market has sure been awash in craft beer scene reporting. Most of it has been geared towards and inspired by Philly Beer Week. No matter the intent, the message has almost uniformly been very positive and likely a very good thing for the recognition and acceptance of (good) beer by the vox populi.

Here's a quick index.....

ABC-WPVI ~ Don Polec, on Beer & Chocolate at Iron Hill and Eclat in West Chester, PA

~ Karen Rodgers & Adam Joseph with a short FYI clip

~ Jim Gardner with an Opening Tap report from the Comcast Center

~ Matt O'Donnell with Tom Peters at Monk's

Matt O'Donnell's favorite beers

~ The "Big Story" at 5pm is Wegmans and Pennsylvania State beer sales and laws

FOX-WXTF ~ Magic Hat Beer and their Thrill Show in Fairmount

~ Sam Calagione stops by for some schooling on beer, cheese, and chocolate

~ Jim Koch represents Sam Adams

~ Bruce Nichols describing and tasting PBW exclusives

~ Hugh Douglas at Pub & Kitchen cooking Mussels with Yards Brawler

~ Chris Leonard points out how Food & Beer Pairings can work

The Opening Tap kickoff at Comcast Center

~ Don Russell makes his choices for affordable beer

CBS-KYW ~ CBS3 index of coverage

~ My Dock Street-to-Dock Street Beer Run

~ A slideshow of the Dock Street Beer run

~ KYW-1060 Opening Tap coverage

~ KYW-1060 Interview with Tom Peters

NBC10 ~ Suzanne Woods on the 10! Show

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