Thursday, March 12, 2009

PBW 2009: Some new Sam Adams at a New Bar on Market Street

I didn't plan to litter my Philly Beer Week coverage with press releases, but this is a new one that seems like it's timely and deserved a bit of attention. As I'd mentioned somewhere in the recent past, I wanted to see two things during PBW (well, primarily two). One, I wanted to get to ten new places I hadn't been to before. Two, I wanted to see how higher-end establishments were presenting and promoting craft beer. This press release appears to fit both. A new restaurant/bar in the Downtown Philadelphia Marriott is serving up Sam Adams beer, one per hour for 13 hours. At least one will be a new product, the Blackberry Wit. And the timing my fit my schedule just right for a late afternoon/early evening visit. Here you go...
13/13/13 at Philadelphia Marriott Downtown: Sample 13 beers for 13 hours at 13 PHILADELPHIA, PA— 13, the new-American restaurant in Center City’s Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, will host “13/13/13” on Friday, March 13 in celebration of Philadelphia Beer Week. Thirteen just became Philadelphia’s lucky number. 13/13/13 is a beer aficionado’s dream. Beginning at noon on Friday, March 13, and continuing through midnight, patrons will enjoy free samples of thirteen styles of famous Sam Adams beers—one new style unveiled each hour for thirteen hours at 13. Customers will savor samples ranging from Hefeweizen to Cherry Wheat to Irish Red Ale to Cream Stout while complimentary appetizers will fortify guests until the next round. And when patrons focus on a favorite brew, they can also enjoy $3 specials on any Sam Adams beer all day long. Plus, 13 will unveil new Sam Adams Blackberry Wit at 5pm. Though not available elsewhere in Philadelphia until April, this newly crafted beer will debut at 13 and continue to be served here exclusively throughout the month. 13/13/13 is the beer lover’s event that will satisfy the palate while introducing a beer enthusiast to fantastic new brews. 13 styles of Beer • 13 hours • 13 Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Thirteen—The stylish new restaurant and bar in the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown draws its moniker from the original 13 colonies and features vibrant American cuisine, stepped up and inspired with modern culinary verve and regional influences. Thirteen is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 1201 Market St., 215-625-6795.

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