Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Philly Beer Week 2009: Earth Bread + Brewery Profile

Last year I did a profile for each of most of the local breweries in the Philadelphia region. I've updated them, but instead of once again spilling them out across the page here, I'll simply point you over to where you can find and download the profile.

Earth Bread + Brewery is getting its brew kettle footings firmly under itself as it comes up on its first year anniversary later this year. If you can't find a Yards beer or employee during this year's PBW, you're doing something way, way wrong. Click here for a 2009 Profile of EB+B.

An addition to the profiles this year will be an interview with a key "player" at each establishment.

The Brew Lounge: Earth? Bread? Brewery? Now a few months into the pub's operation, which of these three are you having the most fun with?
Tom Baker: Bread - the restaurant portion of this venture has been challenging and rewarding.

TBL: How do you "give back" to the community and "give back" to the Earth?
TB: We recycle, compost, reduce our garbage, pay a living wage, hire locally, buy locally whenever possible.

TBL: Nyack, NYC, or Philadelphia? We know which you ultimately chose, but is there any, even tiny, bit of "what if" still lurking?
TB: noooooooooo

TBL: Have you found that most of your fans from Heavyweight have found you on Germantown Ave? Have you heard displeasure from any of them with your new direction?
TB: Alot of them have found us. But we don't really care if they're displeased. Heavyweight is done. We're doing what we want!

TBL: Which is more fun? Coming up with a recipe and brewing it, or naming it?
TB: Coming up with the recipe is fun. The names change as the brew evolves.

TBL: Which is your favorite name thusfar?
TB: All of the names are ridiculous and favs.

TBL: What can we expect from you one year from now? Or maybe better asked, What do you hope from yourself?
TB: More involved in the community. We like what we're doing. More of the same.

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