Monday, March 09, 2009

PBW 2009: Day 3 Wrap-Up and Day 4 Preview

Link to Day 3 Pictures

What I did: So, first I did my weekly long run. After wiggling fingers and toes and a shake of the head, I confirmed that I was in one piece and good to go. It was an absolutely beautiful morning for a 16-mile run through the city and Fairmount Park. After cleaning up my act, Patty and I visited the Reading Terminal Market (mistake, thanks Flower Show tourists), did some tooling around the city, before settling on Bridgid's for a wonderful brunch of Benedicts and Ballast Points.

@Bridgid's, Brunch ---> Though, we might have opted for Memphis Taproom's Vintage Beer Brunch, but it began too late and would have conflicted with The Brewer's Plate. At Bridgid's, it was hard to resist the Lancaster Benedict and the Spanish Benedict, and a couple of porters from Ballast Point. The 'regular' porter and their espresso porter were all we needed to kick start our Day 3 of Philly Beer Week. The place started to fill up in anticipation of their meet the (Ballast Point) brewer before we headed over to University City for The Brewer's Plate.

@UPenn, Brewer's Plate ---> I've said this since the first year: THE BEST ANNUAL FOOD AND BEER PAIRING EVENT, possibly in the country. While I still have a fond place in my heart for the Reading Terminal Market as the host location, the Museum at the University of Pennsylvania is such a striking and well-suited venue for this event.

Standouts this year included: Sly Fox Saison with The Abbaye's Country Pate (amazing), Dock Street Prince Myshkin (a very good R.I.S.) with perfect chocolate from Betty's Speakeasy, Iron Hill's Bourbon Imperial Stout with "brewed cupcakes" from Betty's Speakeasy, the 90 Minute IPA from Dogfish paired with Distrito's Short Rib Sandwich, and Victory's Baltic Thunder paired with a very nice (and mildly stinky), soft cow's milk cheese from Vermont via Tria.

The venue may have been perfect for an event that has unfortunately outgrown its home of the first three years, the Reading Terminal Market and last year's unfortunate choice of the Independence Visitor's Center. If I have my notes correct, approximately 800 tickets were sold to this year's Brewer's Plate and the venue's rotunda, side hall, and downstairs (VIP only) were able to facilitate a comfortable flow of revelers.

The only thing we may want to be careful about in any future beer fests at this strikingly beautiful museum is where guests want to leave their dirty napkins, plates, and ring-leaving glassware. Exhibits are NOT the appropriate place for such things. Neither is leaning acceptable.

What I might do tomorrow: @Bishop's Collar, Run with brewers ---> Partly because I want to support another physical activity during PBW in addition to my Dock Street Run; Partly because brewers are involved; and oh yeah Partly because of the advertised scooter-riding Tom Kehoe. Plus the event is just blocks from the tiedhouse which bring me to....

@the tiedhouse, Session beer ---> Lew Bryson's finally seeing some critical mass (intentional choice of words?) get behind him for the Session Beer Cause. The good thing is he's not all high-and-mighty (or hypocritical) about low ABV. He just wants to see a respectable place in the beer world for (Craft) Session Brew.....and more of it. This is expected to be a casual meetup, and I''m expecting fun.

@Teresa's Next Door, Rodenbach ---> If I had time to hop off the train in Wayne for TND's Rodenbach Night, I would...I may...we'll see.

@TJs, Ommegang ---> I met Phil Leinhart at GABF this past year and am looking forward to seeing him and a nice lineup of Ommegang just a couple of miles from my house at TJs in Paoli. Should be a great way to end Day 4.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you ever go to one of the Michael Jackson tastings at the Museum?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the nod! Just a quick heads up from Betty's Speakeasy: the brewed cupcakes, Growlers, were made with Dock Street's Prince Myshkin. We do use other brews in our fudge such as Yards and Victory.