Thursday, March 05, 2009

PBW 2009: Heads-up on the Schedule of Events

If you've made a list of things you're planning to do during Philly Beer Week, take this as a word of caution. Some events have had their dates and/or times changed, others have been cancelled. For example, the Monk's JW Lees cask event, originally scheduled for 3/14 at 12pm, is now on Monday 3/9 at 2pm. Consult the Philly Beer Week Calendar for the most up-to-date listing. If you're using the spreadsheet that I've compiled, I've done my best to keep it current and column A includes a "last updated" notation to point out where there's been a change in date, time, price, or description. Beer folk are crafty, do your best to keep up!

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