Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beer, Run, Beer, Repeat

HIGHLIGHTS from last Friday in West Chester. Jean Broillet, Iron Hill brewer, was still hanging around after work on Friday prior to the 4-mile run to bend my ear a bit about current and upcoming brews that he and Larry are working on at Iron Hill. But, I couldn't get passed the Mahalo Apollo, Jean's latest inspiring creation popping with lemongrass and grains of paradise. It's got me thinking about a potential Hawaiian trip later this year. Let's just say that this was a nice pre-run taster and an ever better post-race thirst quencher. My two cents say that it would do well to make good company in the trip west to Denver, CO in the early fall...if you get my gist. From the home offices in Delaware, Danielle Friel was on hand to participate in the run as too were a couple of other Brew Loungers. This was the inaugural 4-mile race in West Chester. It benefited a local charity and has the potential to become a local favorite, albeit a bit challenging with some hills. p.s. Thanks to the supporter near the university with the Pliny the Elder t-shirt.
Last Beer and Running post, at least for this week. In one of the Philadelphia area's best 5 mile races (in my opinion), Media, PA hosts the Media 5-miler this coming Friday, June 19th during Happy Hour. The town of Media is so supportive of this race that runs through their residential community and winds up on State Street just a few doors down from Iron Hill and Quotations. Once again, a great excuse to support your local neighborhood through great running and great beer!


booboodog said...

cheers to jean on the mahalo apollo, it wasn't what i expected, but wow. should have been a great after race quencher.

Unknown said...

mahaolo appollo is AWESOME!!! Perfect pre & Post race beer :) Word on the street is that is will be gone before the weekend...BOOOOOOOOOO!! But they are planning to brew it again before the summer is out!

Will see you Friday at the Media 5 Miler!!! Running and beer are the perfect combination.