Sunday, June 07, 2009

Thanks for Stopping By, Now Get Out of Here

Thanks to summer activities and national weather that has been cooperative for most of you this weekend, daily website traffic around here was at its lowest point of the year yesterday. I hope and expect to see more of the same again today. It makes me proud. Also, it looked as if writers were bitten by the summertime bug as well. From the time I logged off Friday night to when I checked my RSS reader on Saturday morning, there had been around 93 new postings. From that point yesterday 'til last night, there were somewhere around 16 new postings. This morning, I woke up to 23. So, therein lies your directive for the day. Hopefully, you won't be reading this until at least Sunday night or even Monday morning. I trust you did something outdoors, got some exercise, listened to some great music, or saw professional cyclists navigate Philly streets. That's what we'll be doing in about an hour. First up coffee, then the search for men and women of ill repute in the hills of Manayunk/Roxborough. Should be a great day.

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