Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A quick stop-in at Hulmeville Inn

No pictures. No menus. This is not even really much of a review either, come to think of it. Just a quick note about the Hulmeville Inn and what is coming up on more and more Bucks County beer traveling lists (how long are those lists anyway?!). Philly Beer Week this year appears to have really put this place on the map. Need proof? Check out their current taplist or their 2009 inventory of kicked kegs. Sure, you'll need to get over the fact that they continue to be a smoke-ing bar. But, if you gave me the choice of a less-than-average beer at a smoke-free joint in Bucks County and a tap list like the one at the Hulmeville Inn, the regulars of you around here probably have a good idea of where you could find me. The nice thing is that Hulmeville Inn is spacious enough with a porch and small outdoor area where you can catch some fresh air, if needed. Plus, a pool/dart room and few other side rooms inside as well. I was a few miles away at a graduation party and figured I'd cut away for an hour to check out a new place on my list and the Flying Fish firkin on the bar. Good thing I didn't make the trip all the way from home just for this "event". Though the night certainly did not hinge meeting up with anyone from the brewery, the Facebook invitation announcing the firkin did give me the impression that someone might be representing the brewery. No matter, their Farmhouse Summer Ale from the firkin and my first run-in with the slightly fruity and refreshing Zotten (with a nice and clean enough finish) from Weyerbacher kept me more than interested while I watched the Phillies give away yet another late inning game. Even though I don't claim to know Bucks County as well as some of you may, like I said earlier, if you're in the southern Bucks County area, there's not much to hold your beer interest before you start working your way farther south deeper into Philly (or to the north or the west) until I make it back to Hulmeville Inn for a longer visit, or any of you debunk my short visit impressions, the historic tavern comes recommended.

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