Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Green like Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp

I don't believe that jealousy is very productive or gets anyone very far in life. Sure, using others status or success as inspiration and motivation...I get that and it can be put to good use for improving your own lot in life. But jealousy to the point of depression that you don't have what someone else has? Don't waste your time on it.

Now, it's not to say I don't get my own case of envy once in a while. Case in point. First, I listen to Howard Weintraub (The Drafting Room) talk excitedly about his August trip to Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp in Chico, CA.

Figuring he's just a little too excited (kidding), his itinerary drifts to the back of my consciousness until yesterday when I read Tomme Arthur's (Lost Abbey/Port Brewing in southern CA) blog where he waxes on and on about what made his first experience at Beer Camp (and, coincidentally, at Sierra Nevada) so great a couple of months ago in April.

Geez, thanks guys, I'm working to get over this bit of green envy feeling that I've got today.

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