Friday, June 12, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Others, part 3: Wegmans, Beer, and Food

Yes, there is a beer event tomorrow at Wegmans in Downingtown, PA! I'd known about it for a few weeks now. Seems like, though, no one else did. At least, not at Wegmans...Not even a "manager." Let's see, how many ways did I try before giving up? A few weeks back, I saw a large prominent sandwich board sign outside the cafe entrance. This was followed over the next couple of weeks by ones at the main entrance as well as inside. When the first sign appeared, I inquired at the cashier stand and got something to the tune of the following reply: "Uh, excuse me?" "There's a sign outside? Really?" "Hm, I'm not sure; maybe you'll want to check at customer service." (guess they come in the back entrance?...or just don't pay attention) Then, a few days later while order a burrito for lunch, this reply from the server/preparer: "Oh, I'm really not sure what they're planning to do." "But, I'm sure you'll be able to sample some beers." "Don't ask anyone over there, though, they're very're probably better off asking at customer service." (don't ask anyone over there?! heheh...that's a good one) Not to be deterred, I asked someone stocking the shelves the following week and got this answer: "Er, I don't believe they've settled on a format yet." (I think this was just a blow-off) I thought I'd actually wander through customer service, but found the line to be too long. I'd call from home, I figured. Of course, this presented its own humourous, perhaps the most humourous thusfar, response: "Ah, yes, we now sell over 400 brands of beer." (not really an answer to my question) "You can buy by the six-pack, up to 192 ounces." (great, but still not the answer to my question) "Uh, er, um....let me ask my manager...he's right here." (to the question of whether there would be a cover charge or reservations required) "You can taste delicious beers made by Wegmans........" (I stopped listening after this statement, because I was pretty sure that Unibruoue was not contracted to make a house brew for them...perhaps I should have continued recording in my head, because there were probably a couple of other goodies in there too.) Finally, a circular came in the mail to our house and appeared to clear things up. Then, Jack Curtin linked to it and Suzy Woods posted her involvement in it. So, now it finally sounds promising. Some decent beer to sample along some well-made food from Wegmans kitchen. If you haven't eaten from Wegmans prepared foods before, now would probably be a great time to check it out. And, just in case you're not from the immediate area...Victory is less than 5 minutes away, Ron's Original and The Drafting Room are just barely 10 minutes, TJs, Iron Hill/West Chester, and The Flying Pig around 15 minutes, and Sly Fox in Phoenixville is close to 25 minutes. (And, if you want a case of something to go, remember Wegmans can't (really) help you with head on over to Exton Beverage for a more extensive selection by the case.) I believe I've plugged just about everyone within a 1/2 hour radius. Oops, The Whip Tavern? From the circular: ~ Yuengling Lager with Lager-steamed Clams and fresh-baked Sourdough Bread ~ Allagash Dubbel with Spicy Tuna Roll and California Roll ~ Stoudt's American Pale Ale with Grafton 2-year old Cheddar on a Baguette ~ Victory V-Twelve with Black Beans and Mojo Pork topped with Salsa Verde ~ Sly Fox Route 113 IPA with Chicken, Spinach, and Feta Sausage topped with Tomato Bruschetta on a Wheat Roll ~ Lindemans Kriek Lambic and Lemon Sorbet Summer Sprinter Oh, and one last thing. PLEASE do not forget to bring your 21+ Proof of Age Identification. They absolutely will ask you for it; no questions asked. I know which one already looks like my pre-game favorite. How about you?

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