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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Seasonal Beer: Its that time of year!

I just had to write something about this. Here in Pennsylvania we're getting a taste of autumn and boy am I ready. Some people get excited for the leaves to fall. Some enjoy that crisp air during a football game. Some people can't wait for the full flavored beer that comes with these cooler times of year. That's me. Don't get me wrong, I've been drinking big beer over the summer. Remember Heavyweight? It's just that during those cool autumn days a little more flavor and a little more punch are so much more appreciated. I can't wait to taste our Oktoberfest! Somehow I have a feeling there just won't be enough of it ;-) I was thinking of writing something about Autumn beer, but, I thought you might have an opinion too. What is your favorite beer this time of year?


mike said...

I must admit I love the pumpkin ales. Although they may not be an all-occasion beer, there is something about that pumpkin spice flavor when the weather is turning colder. Bring me a slice of your best pumpkin pie and a glass of your best pumpkin ale!

The stereotypical pumpkin is a little too sweet, a kind of beer you can only drink one of, but last year I picked up a case of Bethlehem Brew Works Pumpkin Ale and was quite happy with the balance of pumpkin spice and general ale-ness. I even found that my non-geek friends enjoyed drinking several of these at a little gathering I had, meaning that it was easy-drinking enough to be quaffable.

eli said...

I hate to admit never having a pimpkin ale, other than a taste of the offering from Blue Moon. I'm on the lookout for the DFH Punkin' as well as the other PA offerings.

I'm _really_ looking forward to the wet-hopped Big Hop from East End (Pittsburgh) that should be coming out soon.

Adam said...

I know a few people who like the Punkin' from DFH. They really enjoy it. I've tasted it once and I thought it was well balanced. Not too spicy and not too malty. Don't remember the hop profile.

Does anybody have an Oktoberfest favorite? I can't remember what mine was from last year. I'll have to look at my notes in the blog here.

Bryan said...

I have 2 Punkins in my fridge. They're crying out to be consumed! Wanna help?

Adam said...

I'm there!

mike said...

There is always the original Oktoberfest -- SPATEN. Always solid.

Adam said...


I definately enjoy Spaten. I can't wait to see which one I like the most this year :-)