Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Beer Tasting: Heavyweight Biere d'Art

Biere d'Art is a Biere de Garde "farmhouse" style brewed by the now-defunct (or so they say) Heavyweight Brewing of Ocean Township, NJ. This 22oz. bomber was purchased from the brewery during their last open house on the first weekend of July 2006. It was since stored at room temperature and refrigerated to the low 40 degrees fahrenheit prior to serving. We did this "remote" tasting with Adam on the western side of Pennsylvania spending quality time with his father and Bryan on the eastern side of Pennsylvania spending quality time.....in his desk chair! In any case, it's a shame to see these beers disappear with the closing of the brewery. Though, we have a sneaking suspicion (and optimism) that we'll see some of these recipes reappear at sometime in the near future. Adam's Notes:
  • good malt nose upfront
  • hazy burnt orange
  • well carbonated
  • good level of yeast present in taste/nose
  • some lighter fruit flavors
  • malt there as a backdrop for all this
  • a tinge of spice toward the end
  • hops not very detectable as such
Bryan's Notes:
  • a huge shaving cream head that doesn't quit, leaving behind some serious lacing
  • solid copper colored brew
  • a slightly earthy and musty, but not offputting, aroma
  • sweet and malty upfront
  • slowly turns over to some alcohol warming (almost 8% ABV) and slight hop bitterness in the end
  • prefer colder temperature
  • such a pleasant drinking beer; no problem finishing the bomber all by myself!

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