Sunday, September 24, 2006

Beer Tasting: Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve

This raspberry fruit beer is a wheat ale style brewed by Sly Fox Brewing of Phoenixville, PA. This 25oz. bottle was purchased from the brewery during and was since refrigerated to the low 40 degrees fahrenheit. The label boasts "unforgettable fruit ale" and let's just say it got close. I also sampled it on draft and it was just as memorable. Brian O'Reilly continues to impress. Bryan's Notes:
  • brilliant, reddish-purple glow
  • substantial head that settles to a nice lavender crown
  • hints of strawberry and raspberry in the nose; some barley too?
  • easy-drinking wheat with significant raspberry flavor
  • but not overly sweet or tart, just right
  • effervescent, fresh flavor and mouthfeel
  • swirl up a few chunks from the bottom for extra texture
  • 8% ABV? Hard to believe
  • perfect after a late summer day of hard outdoor work


Anonymous said...

Tis the season - for Pumpkin Ales.
How about a taste comparsions.
Today picked up the following PAs.

Bethlehem Brews
Smutty Nose
Blue Moon
Anheuser Bush Jack's

Only got a chance to taste the Smutty - unimpressive - have to keep tasting & drinking ;)

Anonymous said...

Tonight - Bethlehem Brew - where is the pumpkin taste ???????????
Have to do more tasting - oh well.

Adam said...

I think I've only ever had one pumpkin brew that I remember tasting like pumpkin. Most others are usually more of a spice beer.

Keep us updated.

Keep tasting!

You can do it ;-)