Thursday, September 07, 2006

Beer Travel: Where are you Bryan?

Well, I think he's out there somewhere. I'm looking forward to hearing about his trip. You should stay tuned to hear about one of his excursions :-) Also, I'm going to San Diego in October. Anybody want to tell me where to didn't come out right. Rather, are there any must see beer places I should visit while I'm there? I'm thinking of picking up some souvenirs while I'm there. Anybody want me to pick up something for them? Sorry they won't be of the liquid kind. I'm not as daring as some of you.


Bryan Kolesar said...

O'Briens for sure. You're gonna miss the Alstrom Bros. and the BA event there by just a couple of weeks.

Stone's not far away and Matt could provide some insight on tours at the brewery.

Liars Club too is apparently well regarded.

Pizza Port/Port Brewing is in the area too.

And, maybe if nothing else, should definitely check out AleSmith, something we don't really see in the northeast part of the country. A+ reputation and fits the bill of local beer hard to find (at least for you and me).

I think you're gonna have a great time :)

Jeremy said...

Have a good time Adam. Check out the San Diego zoo if you have time... I went there a long time ago and it was very impressive.