Saturday, September 16, 2006

Beer Event: Weyerbacher tasting at Beer Yard in Wayne, PA

Matt certainly got the fall underway in a big way by hosting Weyerbacher for the first post-Labor Day 'Friday Night Tasting.' Gene traveled down from Easton to share the Eleven (Triple IPA), Hops Infusion, Imperial Pumpkin, and AutumnFest. The big draw for me was to see if the Imperial Pumpkin lived up to the sixtel version that Scott and I tasted at the Brew at the Zoo event back in July. Verdict? Absolutely! And, I now have a bottle (thank you very much Gene) to enjoy some time in the next couple weeks. Should be interesting to check it out against the Punkin from DFH. It was my first time trying the Eleven and, boy, did it leave a happy hops explosion in my mouth. Actually, was reminiscent of some the big, juicy hop brews that I was sampling just last week in California. (Yes, I believe that I'm finally over my palette fatigue that trip laid on me!) I will definitely need to keep alert for more of this nice brew. Thanks to Beer Yard for yet another fun Friday night happy hour!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't get there 'till Saturday, but there was still some Imperial Pumpkin to taste! Very solid beer -- a nice pumpkin flavor w/o too much sweetness. I think it's a bit early to get into these beers (still a bit warm, no?) but this little taste got me really looking forward to October.