Friday, September 15, 2006

Beer Tasting: Stoudt's Weizen

Stoudt's Weizen brewed by Stoudt's Brewery in Adamstown, PA . This beer was graciously donated for our consumption by Dennis who lives fortuitously close to Stoudt's headquarters in Adamstown. He made the mistake of telling me he has more in his refrigerator. **evil laugh** Adam's Notes:
  • strong yellow like late day sunshine
  • yeasty fruity nose
  • clean start
  • wheat malt round finish
  • not spicey...and therefore an alternative to Celis or Hoegaarden
  • better than Blue Moon
  • no corn/rice flavors
  • good cold
  • good as it warms too
  • not a "light" wheat
Bryan's Notes:
  • Slightly hazy, light golden color
  • Bit of a head, fades fairly quickly to a thin ring
  • Pleasantly sweet, wheat aroma
  • Solid medium body
  • Taste very similar to Hoegaarden
  • Moderate carbonation helps kick the faint orange-clove taste around the mouth
  • Slightly bubble-gummy too?
  • Why didn't I drink this sooner?
  • Thanks Dennis

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