Sunday, August 06, 2006

Beer Event: Heavyweight Down for the Count

If you missed it here's what was on tap!


Bryan Kolesar said...

Nice picture! If anyone missed this event, they really missed out....esp. the Old Salty!

Anonymous said...

Sweet day at the Drafting Room... we were lucky enough to get a spot outside, and although it was a bit hot (and beers got warm quickly), overall we had a blast.

I didn't try old salty, but BockBock, Ivy League (first keg kicked), Stickenjab and and Baltus were some of my favs (although honestly they were all pretty good).

I know this was a special occasion, but after the success of yesterday I have to wonder -- why doesn't the Drafting Room have events like this more often, say 2-4 times per year? It's a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Glad I didn't miss it !!!!!!
Got there a little late about
3 and they were already striking
out available selects off the board. Got to taste Lunancy, Biere d' Art and St've. Would have liked to have a growler of St've to take on my long trip (5 minutes) home.
The company was not bad either. Yes event 4-6 times a year would be nice !!

Jeremy said...

Had a great time... Black Ocean, Lunacy, and St've were among my favorites.

Were there any annoucements as to what they are doing next now that they are closing their doors?