Friday, August 25, 2006

Small Wonder, Big Beer

Seemed like our tasting beers have been a bit depleted as of late. So, I made a trip to the home of tax-free shopping. Total Wine carries a nice inventory of good beer and wine at decent prices. p.s. Small Wonder is Delaware's state motto. from left to right: Anchor Porter; Dogfish Head Midas Touch; Hopback Entire Stout; Rogue Shakespeare Stout; Shiner Kolsch; Cantillon Kriek; Dogfish Punkin; Avery Czar Russian Imperial Stout; St. Peter's English Ale; Mackeson's XXX Stout; Westmalle Tripel; Maredsous 8 CHEERS!


Anonymous said...

Mike's advice:

Don't try to stock up on wine and beer during the same trip to TW. It's just too overwhelming to attempt both sides of the house, tantamount to a few hours of KoP shopping during December!

Great place though... I always spend WAY too much there.

Bryan Kolesar said...

I only go when I have a minimum one hour to spend shopping. (Though, I could easily spend an hour alone in the beer section...or the Bordeaux section....or the !!! ;-)

It's a challenge that I relish! It's fun to go on the weekends, too, when they in-house tastings.