Friday, August 11, 2006

Beer Tips: The Growler Run

How to hit the brew pub/beer bar skillfully ;-) Want to drink responsibly? Don't have time to spend at the pub? Need to get back to the family? Just passing through? Want to enjoy a hard to find beer from the tap in the comfort of your own home? Take your growler! Sample a couple brews while you're there. Pick your favorite and get that growler filled! Bryan did just this last night at The Grey Lodge. He tasted the Flying Byson and brought back the Flying Fish. Thanks Bryan! I'm considering keeping a growler in a cooler in the trunk of all my cars.


Bryan Kolesar said...

I guess this is sorta like a rant.

While I love the idea of bringing home beer in a growler (by plane, train, and automobile! :) I sometimes get irked by a breweries reluctance (refusal?) to fill anything but their own growler. Going to good beer bars around home here like Grey Lodge, Flying Pig, and The Drafting Room...they don't care what growler they fill. They're happy for your business.

But, others will even go as far as to state on the menu "We only fill our growlers; don't even think of bringing another one."

Now, of course, it's nice to have a keepsake from a brewery, but what if you wanted to have two growlers filled from their taps? Would they really refuse to fill a second growler that doesn't have their logo on it?

Ok, sorry for the rant! Have fun, be safe, go growlers!

Adam said...

Right on Bryan! Sheesh...the nerve!

Anybody out there routinely keep a growler in the car with them?

Anonymous said...

Some states have laws requiring breweries to only fill receptacles that have their label on it. I don't know if the law is different for brewpubs and beer stores, but I know we can only fill our growlers at our brewery. FYI. :)