Monday, August 28, 2006

'Topic of the Week': Week In Review; Local Beer

It seems that, generally speaking, people love their local beer and are a point. Though, while the hunt in tracking down a hard-to-find beer from somewhere far from home can be fun, the responses to this 'Topic of the Week' generally concurred that drinking good beer indigenous to the region where you are located is usually the ideal. Bryan: Would like to see beer shelves and taps dominated more by regional beers, with the occasional appearance of harder-to-find brews "Local Consumer": Usually tries to contain his/her drinking to local only...following in the DFH battle cry. But, still hard to resist interesting sounding, never-heard-of beers from faraway places Adam: Can't forget the local guys who help to build and sustain a good local beer scene to start with Knut: Beer is usually fresher and better straight from the source. So, why not stick with your local brews? Enjoy "foreign" beers as a perk of travel. Eli: Three cheers (and a beer) for Adam!

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