Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beer Event: Sixtel Saturday at General Lafayette Brewery

No pictures and really not much of a crowd to speak of when we finally arrived around 5:30pm. This was the first of this event, due to occur the second Saturday of each month at General Lafayette. The plans are to have two special sixtels at noon on these days. Today's apparently was not overly well-attended, but then again it was an absolutely beautiful day in the Philadelphia area. Today's selections included the La Tete Fontaine Dubbel and the Old Curmudgeon Strong Ale (1/06). Sampled the O.C. and the recently debuted Framboises (raspberry). Both very nice, especially the Framboises....RASPBERRIES, whoohoo! For the concert on Sunday night at Miller Park in Exton (Blackthorn, oh yeah!), I brought home a growler full of the Malted Oat Stout. Tasted a sample and it seems like a very easy-to-drink stout with nice, rich coffee and maybe actually more like a nice porter. Ooohh, Chocolate Thunder porter. Hope to see it again soon at General Lafayette. Sorry for the ramble all over the place here. But, it's been a good weekend so far.

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