Sunday, August 27, 2006

Yards ESA & Popa Chubby

An "extra special" night with Yards and Popa Chubby at North by Northwest in Philadelphia, PA last night. While NxNW may not be known as a top shelf beer bar (though, it certainly holds its own quite well, thank you), it is one of Philadelphia's finer music venues. Located in one of the city's furthest northwest neighborhoods, it's an unpretentious music scene complimented by decent food and drink. A full review of the establishment will come sometime in the future. While NxNW presents a decent beer list, the music is even hotter. Last night saw Popa Chubby grace the stage. He (aka Ted Horowitz from Bronx, NY) wields a mean axe on stage and belts out the blues with the best of 'em. Unfortunately, this inept "reporter" forgot his camera, so you'll be without any pictures from the event. If you haven't heard of Popa Chubby before, it's hard to blame you. He reportedly is even more popular in France and Germany. So, perhaps our European and Scandanavian readers may be more familiar with him. As a matter of fact, he did a show Friday night in Germany and was back in Philly on Saturday to do this show that we attended. In any case, if you want see a smokin' blues set, check him out if you get a chance. Forty five minutes into his set, he broke out "Sweet Goddess of Love and Beer," a crowd favorite. Let's just say that the music was hot, and the beer list kept us cool with Hoegaarden, Victory Hop Devil, Chimay Red, Yards ESA, and Anchor Steam. The only regret that I have is in the past (aren't they all?!). Our friend, Lloyd, lived approximately 1/2 mile from NxNW for several years and we never met up with him there. Now, we drive 35 minutes to get there for a dinner, drinks, and a show. Sheesh!

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