Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fun: Jimmy Buffet Panoramic

We attended the Jimmy Buffet concert in Camden yesterday. Man it was HOT! Met a some people who were at Ommegang and some Appalachian brewery friends. Not really a beer event, but, it was fun and we did drink some Celis White, Triple IPA from Founders and Appalachian Lager :-) NOTE: This is a very wide 360 view. If you have a hard time viewing it, in the browser try some of these tips;
  • first, click on it to see the full image
  • zoom in by clicking on it in Firefox
  • in Internet Explorer put your mouse somewhere on the picture and look for the zoom sqare, then click on it
  • zoom in on it and use the horizontal scroll bar to move from left to right through the picture
  • right click on it and save it to a file. Then try opening up with a graphics program.

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